Arthur Mayer 

User Experience Designer Graduate based in the Netherlands

"Perception precedes reality." 

Andy Warhol  



Delft Heritage

Role: UX Designer

& Developer

I worked as a Ux designer  and MVP developer on the project for the municipality of Delft. Our project was called “Delft Heritage”.  With the help of  three fellow graduate students from the  to UX-design course,  we had to develop an AR app prototype and a functioning AR experience to it.My main focus was on the Interface of the app and on the development of the AR experience for smart phones.



Role: UI Designer

& Developer

I designed, developed & launched a website for Budapest Association for International Sports (Bais)  in an aesthetically pleasing way. I created a new way for them to keep in touch with their users and grove their network.


Role: Team Leader & Creator

I was the creator and team leader of Packzy the smart backpack in a school project for our class Human Computer Interaction. We created the design and functional of the backpack and fully built the concept from scratch. 

Shared Spaces

Role: UI/ UX Designer

I worked as a UX designer as part of a group, to create a redesign concept for the atrium of The Hague’s Municipality. My job involved: research, interviewing, interface design, and   building/ creating the prototype concept.


Role: UI/ UX Designer

In the first year of my studies I had to design an app prototype for the company Bun.Run. The purpose of the app was to make the communication between the client and the company more user friendly for both parties.


Hi, I'm Arthur 

and I'm a Hungarian, User Experience designer  graduate

from Budapest, currently living and studying in the Netherlands. I'm looking for a graduation project as an Intern starting from February. I consider myself a passionate

and open minded person, who is eager to learn new skills, in order to become a better UX/ UI -Designer. In my designs I strive for clean and easy to understand designs in order to create the best possible experience for the users.

If you have any questions, or would like to know more about me or my projects, please contact me!


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Gemeente Delft 

Gemeente The Hague

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