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As a user experience designer, I was tasked with creating a website for a youth organisation that is both user-friendly and visually appealing. The main challenge was to promote their cause and also demonstrate to the government that they are a non-profit organization.


Initially I wasn’t familiar with the clients vision and end goals, so as my first agenda I made sure to get a holistic understanding. After finding the main pain points and consulting with the client, I had to justify all the findings with a user journey and survey. After that everything seemed to be straight forward, creating the first version of the website design, then applying it to the Wix creator, and then iterating it down to the last version with the help of the client.

Tools & design solutions

Used my research skills to study competitors and similar organisations' websites to understand the requirements for a site like this. I also backed up my findings with user and client surveys. With the help of Wix, I designed the website in a way that the organisation could manage it themselves later on. I went through three rounds of iterations to ensure the website was “perfect”.

Screenshot (62)_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2019-10-27 at 21.38_edited.jpg
Screenshot (63)_edited.jpg
Screenshot (61)_edited.jpg


As a result of my efforts, the client was happy with the end result, and even after years of usage, they are still satisfied with the design and the website itself. This was my first solo mission, and it was a success.

Link to website:

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