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Balaton Bike 365 | UX Design
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As a User Experience Expert, I was tasked with creating designs for an app and website for the public procurement project at Big Fish called Balaton Bike 365.


Since this was also my graduation project, I conducted a full UX Design flow, starting with research and target group sessions, and even came up with two unique solutions to problems that the client had not considered. These solutions included an emergency quick contact feature within the app and a solution for those without bikes to rent them around the lake.

Tools & design solutions

Using all the skills I had acquired during my studies, I worked on creating easy-to-use designs for the app and website home screen. To showcase my designs as proof of concept, I put together a clickable prototype for the client and documented the whole process for my school. Throughout the process, I used Figma for the design and prototyping, and even tested the prototype and sent feedback back to the client for later improvements.


As an intern, I felt like an integral part of the team, contributing valuable skills and helping my peers. The only challenge we faced was the sudden shift to remote work due to the pandemic. Overall, this project was an exciting opportunity for me to put my UX skills into practice and make a meaningful contribution to the company.

Link to Prototype:

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