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Delft’s Heritage | UX / UI Design
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As a User Experience Designer, I was hired by the Delft Gemeente to create a solution that would help younger generations and elders alike to continue learning about Delft's history and heritage. My solution was an online and/or in-person experience that would utilize Augmented Reality (AR) technology to take users on a guided tour of the historically significant parts of the city.


In order to achieve this, I first conducted extensive research on the topic to better understand the problem at hand. From there, I used my design skills to create a clean and easy-to-use AR app, supported by physical prompts located throughout the city. The app acted as a tourist guide, leading users along the most interesting parts of the city while allowing them to "fly back in time" and explore historical locations using AR technology and cleverly designed drawings, historical pictures, and data.

Tools & design solutions

To create the app, I used tools like Illustrator to create the visuals and Figma to create the clickable prototype. I also collected points of interest throughout the city by visiting it in person and taking video footage, which was used in the prototype. Finally, I used UNITY to create the AR experience.


The final solution was presented at an expo facilitated by the Delft Gemeente, where it received positive feedback and valuable insights for future development. The municipality purchased my solution, and work is underway to create the finished version of the AR app, which is expected to be available in 2024.

Link to the prototype:

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