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MABO | Website & Branding
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As a User Experience Designer, my challenge was to create a comprehensive brand identity and website for MABO - a startup with a great business idea but no clear branding or online presence. The ultimate goal was to establish a strong online presence and drive sales within a year.


To begin, I worked closely with the client through multiple brainstorming sessions to create the perfect brand name and logo. Once this was achieved, I taught them how to implement a successful Instagram ad campaign and we collaborated on creating visually striking posters and product labels that aligned with their brand vision. Finally, I designed and developed a stunning Shopify website that delivered a seamless user experience.

Tools & design solutions

Throughout the project, I utilised various UX and UI design techniques to ensure that the final product was not only visually appealing but also user-friendly. Figma and Illustrator were the primary tools used for logo and label designs, while Shopify was used for the website development.


The end result was a successful brand launch with now over 2,800 followers on Instagram and a steady stream of product orders. As a UX designer, my key takeaway is the importance of close collaboration with the client and always keeping their vision and goals in mind.

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