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As a User Experience designer, my task was to improve the visitor experience at the Hague Gemeente. The main challenge was to ensure that visitors could easily navigate the building and find the services they were looking for. The current solution, which relied solely on security personnel, was not efficient enough.


To solve this problem, I conducted thorough research and presented the client with three possible solutions. The client was so impressed with all three options that they asked to have them all implemented in the final design.


The solution I ultimately proposed involved creating a virtual host with service points that visitors could access. In addition to the digital experience, I also suggested adding fresh ocean scent sprayers near the entrance to create a more welcoming environment.

Tools & design solutions

To achieve the end goals, I used a range of tools and skills. For the digital aspect of the project, I utilised Figma, Adobe XD, and Illustrator to create the final prototype of the welcoming agent. For the physical aspect, I sourced budget materials to create service desks and installed automatic scent sprayers.


The project took almost three months to complete, but in the end, I was able to create an immersive and user-friendly experience for any visitor of the Hague Municipality. Although it was initially a school project with a final prototype, many of my ideas were implemented a few years later.

Link to Video Prototype:

Screenshot (42).png
Screenshot (49)_edited_edited.jpg
Screenshot (46).png
Screenshot (44).png
Screenshot (84)_edited.jpg
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